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The Insiders Secrets To Credit Cards
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Look at the advantages of credit card borrowing...

- Flexibility - repay at your own pace
- No arrangement fee
- Not repayable on demand
- Unsecured

Maximising on scoring and profiling

Many companies that issue credit cards work on credit scoring and profiling. If you know the system - you can construct your application to gain the maximum number of points and obtain a card in circumstances where you would not normally have obtained one. It is stressed that we are not talking about falsifying applications or breaking the law! We are legally making the most out of what is available to you using our knowledge of the financial institution.

Apply for any card with ease

We provide you with access to the complete up to date list of credit card providers in the UK - including telephone numbers (most freephone). The list also includes interest rates, lists of any charges and conditions. There are many to choose from with new applicants receiving special introductory rates. This is only a small percentage of the information that you will receive. We are not selling lists!

Achieving your goals

Our no-nonsense manual takes you through a simple step-by-step approach to achieving your goal of obtaining credit cards. It is simple, straightforward and packed with information - most of which your bank manager, solicitor or accountant wouldn't tell you - even if they knew!

Discover the secrets of obtaining as many credit cards as you like

Get your credit rating back!

Without credit cards you cannot even book a cinema ticket or book a show, let alone cheap travel or flights by phone or the internet. So get real and apply today!

Discover "The Insider's Secrets to Credit Cards"


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